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BACKGROUND Adherence to heart failure therapy is important in reducing morbidity and mortality over the course of the disease process. The aim of this study was to examine factors associated with non-adherence to warfarin in chronic heart failure patients. METHODS Eighty patients receiving warfarin therapy in 2002 were included. Adherence was defined as(More)
BACKGROUND Short-stay units (SSUs) provide an alternative to traditional inpatient services for patients with short anticipated hospital stays. Yet little is known about which patient types predict SSU success. OBJECTIVE To describe patients admitted to our hospitalist-run SSU and explore predictors of length-of-stay (LOS) and eventual admission to(More)
BACKGROUND Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) is the most common cancer of childhood. Some evidence suggests differences in clinical and cytogenetic characteristics of ALL based on geographic and ethnic variations. However, data on ALL characteristics and early outcome of therapy from low/middle-income countries such as Pakistan are scanty. PROCEDURE A(More)
BACKGROUND Parenteral antibiotic therapy for young infants (aged 0-59 days) with suspected sepsis is sometimes not available or feasible in countries with high neonatal mortality. Outpatient treatment could save lives in such settings. We aimed to assess the equivalence of two simplified antibiotic regimens, comprising fewer injections and oral rather than(More)
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