I. N. Remizov

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The patterns of tonic activity in the neurons of rabbit superior cervical ganglion at rest and during noxious stimulation of the skin were studied using intracellular recording. According to reflex changes in the activity patterns, all neurons studied were classified into three groups. Cardiac rhythmicity is more pronounced in the neurons of the second type(More)
The method of r ecord ing f r o m the whole ne rve by means of implanted e lec t rodes is nowadays used to study the natura l act ivi ty of pe r iphe ra l ne rve f i be r s . Separat ion of the flow of impulses in different d i rec t ions is achieved by the use of a cold [2] o r e l ec t r i c a l [1] block. The disadvantage of these methods is that i n t e(More)
Using intracellular recording, we studied the effects of lead ions on the synaptic responses of neurons of the superior cervical ganglion (SCG) of the rat. Three groups of SCG neurons were found; they differed from each other in directions of the changes evoked by Pb2+ applications and in their sensitivity to this agent. In two groups of the phasic SCG(More)
Tonic electrical activity of afferent fibres of intact vagus nerve was studied in cats using the method of coincidence of recorded action potentials. It was found that tonically active afferent fibres of the intact vagus nerve of the cat had conduction velocity 8-65 m/s. Two groups of fibres conducting the most intensive impulsation from the pulmonary(More)
On neurons of the superior cervical ganglion of 3-week-old rats, we studied the mechanism underlying the blocking effect of mecamylamine on transmembrane currents evoked by iontophoretic application of acetylcholine (ACh currents); these currents were recorded with the use of a patch-clamp technique in the whole-cell configuration. The IC50 of the above(More)
Spontaneous electrical activity was recorded by a two-channel amplifier from the intact splanchnic nerve of the dog in chronic experiments using the method of coherent recording. In the channel which picked up the action potentials first as they propagated, all pulses were delayed for the time interval which the action potentials needed to reach the other(More)