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A comparative study of chemiluminescence and triboluminescence of endothelium of the thoracic aorta in the intact rabbits and in ones with experimental hypercholesterolemia 3, 6, 24 hours after single total influence of low doses of ionizing radiation allowed us to conclude that higher fluctuation of the examined parameters is characteristic feature of the(More)
Mechanic emission is an effect observed in dissipation of mechanical energy due to mechanochemical reactions and electrophysic processes at tension, deformation or friction of blood samples dried on the chromatographic paper. The effect is accompanied by electron emission and electromagnetic radiation. The physical principles of mechanic emission were(More)
Mechanoemission (ME) of rat peripheral blood lymphocytes (PBL) over the radio-frequency range has characteristic peculiarities in various stages of the cell cycle, both in unirradiated cells and in cells exposed to 0.25 or 1 Gy of gamma radiation. After 52 h incubation of irradiated and unirradiated lymphocytes, ME PBL indices take values equivalent to(More)
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