I. N. Bheema Lingeswara Reddy

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To gain insights into the possible guidance mechanisms used by Dictyostelium cells as they undergo morphogenesis, we have used time-lapse computational optical-sectioning microscopy to visualize and quantify the three-dimensional (3D) trajectories of both normal (Ax2) and myosin-II-null cells. To accomplish this, we typically collected 30-60 time-lapse 3D(More)
Resistance gene homologues were isolated from finger millet (Eleusine coracana L.) using degenerate oligonucleotide primers designed to the conserved regions of the nucleotide binding site (NBS) of previously cloned plant disease resistance genes (R-genes) using polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Of the eleven primer combinations tested, only five showed(More)
To examine the potential role of calcium in regulating Dictyostelium development, we reduced free cytosolic and total cell Ca2+ in Dictyostelium cells by expressing a constitutively active form of a human erythrocyte plasma membrane calcium pump. The pump-expressing cells lacked a thapsigargin-mediated increase in cytoplasmic calcium, consistent with a(More)
Gene PmAF7DS confers resistance to wheat powdery mildew (isolate Bgt#211 ); it was mapped to a 14.6-cM interval ( Xgwm350 a– Xbarc184 ) on chromosome 7DS. The flanking markers could be applied in MAS breeding. Wheat powdery mildew (Pm) is caused by the biotrophic pathogen Blumeria graminis tritici (DC.) (Bgt). An ongoing threat of breakdown of race-specific(More)
Microsatellites also known as SSR are the class of repetitive DNA sequences present throughout the genome of all eukaryotic organisms. The present study identified SSRs using biotinylated beads capture method. Ten sets of primers were designed based on sequences having at least (CT)10 repeats. A total of 27 accessions having a mix of both African(More)
In this paper we are going to propose the differential sensing static random access memory (SRAM) bit cells for ultralow-power and ultralow-area Schmitt trigger operation. The ST-based differential sensing SRAM bit cells address the fundamental conflicting design requirement of the read versus write operation of a conventional 6T bit cell. The ST operation(More)
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