I N Berezovskiĭ

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The statistical analysis of hydrogen bonds distribution in space structures of globular proteins has been done. The parameters of H-bonds in the different secondary structures of globular proteins were collected. In alpha-helices besides the canonical 1-5 H-bonds (the mean length 3 A), 1-4 H-bonds were observed (the mean length 3.2 A). The histograms of(More)
The hydrogen bond distributions in 123 protein structures with the atom coordinates established at a resolution of less than 2 A were analyzed. The peculiarities of hydrogen bond distributions with respect to the lengths and remoteness of contacting residues in the primary structure were established. A hierarchy of H-bond energy distribution in the spatial(More)
The problem in the calculation of Van der Waals interactions in protein globules based on the theory of condensed media was considered. The Van der Waals interactions are represented as energies of interaction of regions with a uniform density distribution. A definition of the local dielectric constant as a function of coefficients of absorption of(More)
Regions of more stability and nearest environs were localized on the basis of the calculation of intramolecular interactions in the frame of pair-wise approach. A criterium for definition of domains boundary in globular proteins is establishing if residues from k to l are included into one domain and residues from l+1 to l+1+m are included into another(More)
We have justified a Van der Waals approach for the problem of domains structure in globular proteins. A method for isolation of hierarchy of Van der Waals interactions in the space of protein globule has been found out. The definition of hierarchy's levels in the spatial structure of macromolecules is effected by the position of maxima in the distribution(More)
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