I Musacchio

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Freshly ejaculated semen specimens from 20 normal fertile, 11 subfertile, and 20 vasectomized men whose semen analyses had reached complete azoospermia were compared. The mean levels of seminal acid phosphatase were significantly higher in the vasectomized men. The mean values of sialic acid in normal and postvasectomy seminal plasmas were similar, in(More)
TRH stimulated the metabolism of lipids of the phosphatidylinositol (PI)-phosphatidic acid (PA) cycle and caused an increase in the level of free or unesterified arachidonic acid in mouse pituitary thyrotropic tumor (TtT) cells. In cells labeled with [32P]orthophosphate for 45 min, TRH caused a rapid specific increase in [32P]PA to 190 +/- 8% (+/- SE) of(More)
Because arachidonic acid and/or its metabolites may be intracellular effectors of calcium-mediated secretion, we studied whether arachidonic acid added exogenously mobilizes calcium and stimulates prolactin secretion from GH3 cells, cloned rat pituitary cells. Arachidonic acid caused efflux of 45Ca from preloaded cells and stimulated prolactin secretion.(More)
The copper content of individual cervical mucus samples from 50 women using conventional plastic intrauterine devices (IUDs) and from 50 women using copper-bearing IUDs containing 200 sq. mm copper wire were determined. Both groups of women showed the same pattern of copper levels as normal controls with the lowerst level of copper at ovulation. The women(More)
To establish the pattern of copper levels in cervical mucous, individual samples were taken from 10 normal women (aged 23-46), 2-3 times per week during the cycle. Analysis using a modification of the Stoner and Dasler wet ash microtechnique showed the lowest amounts of copper per 100 mg of dried ash (mean-3.2 mcg) in the ovulatory phase. The highest(More)
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