I. Mortazavi

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In this paper, the passive control of flow past a semi-circular cylinder is investigated. This control is achieved by adding a porous medium between the solid obstacle and the incompressible fluid in order to reduce drag forces and regularize the flow. A vortex-penalization method is chosen to easily model the flow in the different media. Several(More)
In this paper, direct water quality modelling and the associated unsteady sensitivity equations, are solved in Water Distribution Systems (WDS). A new solution algorithm is proposed, based on a time splitting method to separate and solve efficiently each phenomenon such as advection and chemical reaction. This numerical approach allows a simultaneous(More)
Keywords: Flow past a sphere Flow past a hemisphere Vortex methods Particle methods Penalization method Semi-Lagrangian methods a b s t r a c t A vortex method with penalization is proposed in order to simulate three-dimensional incompressible bluff body flows. This approach combines the robustness of vortex methods and the flexibility of pe-nalization(More)
In this work three branches of Immersed Boundary Methods (IBM) are described and validated for incompressible aerodynamics and fluid-structure interactions. These three approaches are: Cut Cell method, Vortex-Penalization method and Forcing method. Two first techniques are validated for external bluff-body flows and the last one is used for fluid-structure(More)
Vortex methods rely principally on a discretization of the continuous two-dimensional time dependent vorticity eld into a large number of vortex \blobs", whose position and strength determine the underlying velocity eld. In this paper, the convergence of the random vortex method (RVM) for a complex ow is studied in function of three discretization(More)
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