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OBJECTIVE To use information collected by the Confidential Enquiry into Stillbirths and Deaths in Infancy to help obstetric, midwifery and paediatric practice in the management of shoulder dystocia. DESIGN Review of casenotes by a multidisciplinary focus group. SAMPLE All 56 cases reported to the Confidential Enquiry into Stillbirths and Deaths in(More)
AIMS To determine the quality of stillbirth postmortem reports and their contribution to a final diagnosis following the introduction of explicit consent forms after the Alder Hey inquiry. METHODS Necropsy reports from 100 consecutive stillbirths were reviewed from 2001 onwards. A spreadsheet compiled data items that were considered essential in the Royal(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE A method of using electronic portal imaging to design compensators for tangential breast irradiation has been developed. We describe how this has been implemented. MATERIALS AND METHODS The compensator design method generates wedged and unwedged beam weights, in conjunction with templates for multiple lead-sheet compensators and(More)
A series of 36 cases of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma of the stomach have been analysed using routine histological techniques and immunohistochemistry. All cases were categorized as follicle centre cell lymphomas. Apart from two cases who had nodal lymphomas followed by gastric lymphomas, all cases appeared to represent primary lymphoma of mucosa-associated(More)