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Ultrastructural muscle changes resulting from temporary anoxia and their evolution were studied in dogs. Ischaemia of the hind limb was produced by subcutaneous ligation of all muscles of the thigh and clamping of the femoral artery. Revascularization was obtained by declamping and removal of the muscle ligature. The period of ischaemia ranged from 4 1/2 to(More)
Three cases of embolization by detached fragments of "Intracath" intravenous catheters are described. In two, successful surgical removal was performed, whilst in the third, due to the poor general condition of the patient, no attempt at removal was made and after long-term observation, there were no untoward side effects.
A series of 7 young, healthy persons suffering severe vascular trauma and acute ischaemia of their limbs is presented. Standard vascular repair, although technically successful, failed to achieve satisfactory restoration of the circulation and the limbs remained severely ischaemic. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment at 2-8 atm (approximately 290 kPa) prevented the(More)
Cardiovascular homeostasis is comprised under general anesthesia and in jaundice. Because surgery is often performed on jaundiced patients, it is not altogether surprising that the incidence of perioperative complications is higher in such patients than in nonjaundiced ones. In this study we assessed the potential synergistic effects of anesthesia and(More)
Acute peripheral arterial occlusion may lead to gangrene, with loss of parts of arms and legs. Three infants with disseminated intravascular clotting developed dark red discoloration of the tips of fingers and toes which progressed proximally. Repeated hyperbaric oxygenation treatments caused regression of the demarcation line and further progression of(More)
A case of massive aspiration of hydatid liquid during an operation for excision of hydatid cyst of the lung is presented. Some considerations about the treatment and the anaesthetic approach to the problem are given. An analysis of 42 operations performed during 1963-1973 in the Rambam Hospital is discussed. Rupture of cyst with cyanosis and fall in blood(More)