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Martian valley networks bear some resemblance to terrestrial drainage systems, but their precise origin remains an active research topic. A limited number of valley networks have been manually mapped from images, but the vast majority remains unmapped because standard drainage mapping algorithms are inapplicable to valleys that are poorly organized and lack(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate in a pilot study the usefulness of measures of health and psychosocial status for use with young people with physical and complex disability. Also to test empirically a conceptual model of the factors determining key outcomes in young disabled adults, in particular, participation (handicap). DESIGN A cross-sectional study involving(More)
A novel automated channel mapping algorithm is developed and applied to map valley networks in variety of sites on Mars. The algorithm uses digital topography data from which topographic planar curvature is calculated and a series of steps is implemented to convert curvature map into a map of channels. Results in eight test sites are compared to accurate(More)
BACKGROUND Utilization of total knee and hip arthroplasty has greatly increased in the past decade in the United States; these are among the most expensive procedures in patients with Medicare. Advances in surgical techniques, anesthesia, and care pathways decrease hospital length of stay. We examined how trends in hospital cost were altered by decreases in(More)
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