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—We designed two type binary 2D subwavelength (wavelength was λ = 10 mm) focus diffractive photonic crystal lens and calculated the diffraction of plane TE-wave by use FDTD-method (our program in C++). It has been shown that diffractive photonic crystal lens designs have not an unique solution. Diameter lens was in 5 times more than her width and full width(More)
A new methods of construction and optimization of diffraction optics elements with square zones topology which allow to greatly reduce a sidelobe level by rotating square zones relative to each other are presented. The method of finding maximal of sidelobe level using multiple runs of local search algorithms and zones rotation angles optimization algorithm(More)
We describe a technique to eliminate multipath fading in point to point communications. The technique exploits our ability to control relative phase between desired signals arriving in the antenna beam and of undesired multipath signals coming from outside of the beam direction. Using out ability to control relative phase, we can in principle reduce the(More)
The results of a detailed simulation obtained using a parallel FDTD method and the application of the proposed device to focusing and frequency-selective properties of flat conical diffactive elements in THz waveband are described. Introduction of novels diffractive element in the THz waveband is described. If offers the potential to realize novel types of(More)
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