I. Malajovich

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Spin transport between two semiconductors of widely different band gaps is time resolved by two-color pump-probe optical spectroscopy. Electron spin coherence is created in a GaAs substrate and subsequently appears in an adjacent ZnSe epilayer at temperatures ranging from 5 to 300 K. The data show that spin information can be protected by transport to(More)
Recent studies of n-type semiconductors have demonstrated spin-coherent transport over macroscopic distances, with spin-coherence times exceeding 100 ns; such materials are therefore potentially useful building blocks for spin-polarized electronics ('spintronics'). Spin injection into a semiconductor (a necessary step for spin electronics) has proved(More)
We examine how a ferromagnetic layer affects the coherent electron spin dynamics in a neighboring gallium arsenide semiconductor. Ultrafast optical pump-probe measurements reveal that the spin dynamics are unexpectedly dominated by hyperpolarized nuclear spins that align along the ferromagnet's magnetization. We find evidence that photoexcited carriers(More)
Magnetic circular dichroism is used to investigate the evolution of ferromagnetism in the p-type magnetic semiconductor Ga12xMnx As. Local Mn moments and holes produce two spectroscopically distinct contributions, whose properties reveal an antiferromagnetic Mn-hole alignment in the ferromagnetic state. These components are present in both metallic and(More)
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