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BACKGROUND Prior studies providing estimates of the prevalence of postnatal depressive symptoms (PNDS) in New Zealand have been hampered by methodological shortcomings. Aims of this study were to derive an accurate estimate of PNDS prevalence and treatment frequency in an urban population of a major city in New Zealand. METHOD This was a one-wave postal(More)
We examined the potentially mediating effects of negative affectivity (NA) on the hope–depression relationship among a sample of postpartum women. We also assessed the social support reported by these women and examined the possible mediating effects of NA on the social support–postpartum depression relationship. Correlational analyses of data obtained from(More)
We present a simple method for averaging multiple cycles of a waveform having cycles with varying periods. This averaging process preserves the morphology of the waveform by converting fixed time per point data into fixed fraction of cycle data. The algorithms are implemented using the ASYST system, which provides efficient code for performing the(More)
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