I M Solodovnikova

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Apoptosis in myocardial tissue slices was induced by extended incubation under anoxic conditions. Mitochondria were isolated from the studied tissue. A new method of isolation of mitochondria in special conditions by differential centrifugation at 1700, 10,000, and 17,000 g resulted in three fractions of mitochondria. According to the data of electron(More)
One variant of the model of the local coupling of phosphorylation and respiration in intact mitochondria was experimentally verified. The model is based on the following postulates: (1). Upon the functioning of H+ pumps, hydrogen ions bound to the outer membrane surface do not enter the aqueous phase but are utilized for ATP synthesis in the membrane(More)
Anoxic incubation of isolated small pieces of cardiac tissue for 72 h caused emergence of an unusual population of mitochondria, referred to as "mitochondrion inside mitochondrion". We studied dynamics of the origin of this event. In the most part of a mitochondrial population after a 6 h anoxic incubation of myocardial tissue, a local increase in some(More)
The study is devoted to the registration of local H+ gradients on the inner membrane of mitochondria under conditions of H+ pump functioning were recorded. By using a covalently linked pH probe (fluorescein isothiocyanate), a local increase in the activity of hydrogen ions on the outer face of the inner mitochondrial membrane in the presence of the(More)
Using method of electron microscopic histochemistry based upon the oxidative polymerization of 3,3'-diaminobenzidine (DAB) to reveal cytochrome c oxidase activity we identified that long hypoxic incubation of isolated small pieces of cardiac tissue during 72 h caused changes in mitochondrial ultrastructure followed by a breach of functional activities of(More)
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