I. M. Reingold

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Dermal-type cylindromas of parotid glands in a patient with turban tumor, and various adnexal tumors, represent a rare diathesis, apparently not reported previously. A Caucasian man, born in 1916, had a scalpectomy for turban tumor in 1957. In 1957, 1960, and 1974, dermal type cylindromas were excised from portions of both parotid glands, developing from(More)
The rare lesion of epithelioma cuniculatum pedis may be recognized by the gross appearance of a slow-growing, bulky, "squashy," non-healing, exophytic mass of long duration on the sole, exuding foul-smelling purulent keratin debris from numerous sinuses, and biopsies showing extensive infiltrating plaques of keratinizing, well-formed, squamous epithelium(More)
Three cases of hepatomas metastasized to the skin in a series of 88 patients with hepatomas. The skin metastases differed from the usual dermal nodules, such as fibromas, inflammatory granulomas, and adnexal tumors, by their rather sudden appearance as solitary or multiple, nonulcerative, painless, firm, reddish-blue nodules on the scalp, chest, and(More)