I. M. Nagpure

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An intense green luminescent Na₂Ca(PO₄)F:Mn²⁺ phosphor has been prepared at high temperature by reduction treatment in a charcoal environment. The emission band of Mn²⁺ was obtained at around 522 nm (green) under 259 nm excitation. Enhancement in emission intensity arising from the thermal treatment is reported. The intense emission of the spectrum was(More)
The synthesis, X-ray diffraction, photoluminescence, TGA/DTA and FTIR techniques in Dy(3+) activated Na(2)Sr(PO(4))F phosphor are reported in this paper. The prepared phosphor gave blue, yellow and red emission in the visible region of the spectrum at 348 nm excitation. CIE color co-ordinates of Na(2)Sr(PO(4))F:Dy(3+) are suitable as white light-emitting(More)
Bluish-green photoluminescence from calcium 8-hydroxyquinolate (Caq2) powder, synthesized by a co-precipitation route, and a blended Caq2:PMMA thin film is reported. The film was obtained by mixing the Caq2 powder with PMMA (Polymethylmethacrylate) in a chloroform solution. X-ray diffraction analyses confirm the formation of the Caq2 powder and thin film.(More)
The wet chemical synthesis, X-ray diffraction and photoluminescence characteristics in alkaline halosulfate phosphors such as LiMgSO4Cl:Eu and LiZnSO4Cl:Eu are reported in this paper. The effect of Li ion on Eu3+ luminescence (5D(0) --> 7F(2) electronic transition) and incorporation of Eu3+ ion in lithium base alkaline halosulfate phosphor has been studied.
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