I M Linke

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Mouse aggregation chimaeras were produced by aggregating C3H/HeH and C3H/HeHa-Pgk-1a/Ws embryos. At mid-term the proportions of the two cell populations in these conceptuses and the X-inactivation mosaic female progeny of C3H/HeH female X C3H/HeHa-Pgk-1a/Ws male matings were estimated using quantitative electrophoresis of phosphoglycerate kinase (PGK-1)(More)
Experimental conditions are discussed that are necessary for a useful application of genetically marked laboratory animals to distinguish between clonal and nonclonal origin of induced tumors: quantitative discrimination of biochemical markers, definition of the "patch" sizes, evaluation of possible admixture of "contaminating" cells and the approach to(More)
The stability of allelic gene expression of X-linked phosphoglycerate kinase was studied in seven carriers of a rare genetic variant named PGK München. The enzymatic activities in erythrocytes of five heterozygous females and three hemizygous males were determined repeatedly over a period of 10 years (1975-1984) and shown to remain constant. As the(More)