I M Kolotygina

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When RNA of the cell surface is destroyed with RNAase, the effect of adaptogenes is removed. Such effect is produced by introduction of actinomycin D 30 minutes before intake of adaptogene. Destruction of surface RNA stimulates protein synthesis. Comparison of these facts permits a hypothesis to be advanced saying that surface RNA is a receptor of(More)
Studies of changes in the cells adhesive force during spontaneous and induced cancerogenesis, as well as under the effect of cancerogenesis promotors permits to reveal the cells adhesion forces critical values which separate tissue states stable and unstable to blastomogenesis. These data are analysed proceeding from the concepts on generalized cooperative(More)
The short-term effects of the carcinogenesis promoters on the adhesive force of cells are compared with the data from literature on their ability to exert a promoter action on the carcinogenesis development in the same organs during prolonged introduction after an initiator. The ability of substances to decrease the adhesive force in the tissue below the(More)
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