I. M. Kirimi

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Cattle were immunized against East Coast fever by the inoculation of a tick-derived stabilate of Theileria parva infective particles and the intramuscular injection, at daily intervals, of n-pyrrolidinomethyl tetracycline at a dose level of 5 mg/kg. Four doses of the tetracycline, starting on the day of inoculation of the infective stabilate, minimised the(More)
Three groups of steers were exposed to field challenge in aT. lawrencei-enzootic area of Kenya. Four out of five ECF-susceptible steers and four out of five steers immunised againstT. parva (Muguga) died of theileriosis, the surviving animals experiencing severe reactions. On the other hand, all five steers immunised againstT. parva (Muguga) and a strain of(More)
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