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Despite known detrimental effects on the blood flow and histology of nerves after intraneural corticosteroid injection, the neurotoxic effect of corticosteroids remains unclear. We investigated the effect of topical dexamethasone on nerve function. Two sponge strips soaked with dexamethasone at doses of 0.8, 1.6, and 3.2 mg were placed under and over the(More)
We examined 40 wrists of 12 embalmed and eight fresh cadavers and defined the relative position of the flexor retinaculum to the neurovascular structure, ultrasonographic markers and safe zones by ultrasonography and anatomical dissection. Both longitudinal and transverse ultrasonographic sections clearly depicted the flexor retinaculum, neurovascular(More)
We evaluated the morphological changes to the ulnar nerve of both elbows in the cubital tunnel by sonography in a total of 237 children, of whom 117 were aged between six and seven years, 66 between eight and nine years, and 54 between ten and 11 years. We first scanned longitudinally in the extended elbow and then transversely at the medial epicondyle with(More)
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