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Sixty per cent of the Swedish population received the monovalent AS03-adjuvanted pandemic influenza vaccine in the autumn of 2009. We assessed the age-specific effectiveness of this pandemic vaccine against hospitalisation with laboratory-confirmed influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 during the season 2010/11, in the age group from six months to 64 years in Sweden. The(More)
Dientamoeba fragilis is a protozoan with a debated role in gastrointestinal (GI) disease. Although correlated to GI symptoms, no virulence factors have been described. In this study, we evaluated the cause of GI symptoms in children at two schools, with children aged 1 to 10 years, in the county of Jönköping, Sweden. D. fragilis infection correlated to GI(More)
Shiga toxin (Stx)-producing Escherichia coli (STECs) cause non-bloody diarrhea, hemorrhagic colitis, and hemolytic uremic syndrome, and are the primary cause of acute renal failure in children worldwide. This study investigated the correlation of genetic makeup of STEC strains as revealed by DNA microarray to clinical symptoms and the duration of STEC(More)
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