I. M. Antonikov

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The transmembrane potential (TMP) of synaptosomes isolated from the rat cerebral cortex was studied with the aid of 1-anilinonaphthalene-8-sulfonate (ANS). Addition of valinomycin to the synaptosomes was accompanied by an increase in the intensity of fluorescence of the probe at 464 nm (λexc = 365 nm), which is interpreted as reflecting hyperpolarization of(More)
The writers have shown in relation to the endothelium of the microcirculatory system that cell shape is an important functional parameter, which is under strict control [3]. The mechanisms of intercellular interaction, especially the mechanisms of contact and union of cells, which in the case of the endothelium largely determines the state of vascular(More)
Platelets were stimulated in vitro by different ADP concentration (10(-7)--10(-9) M). Scanning electron microscopy, light transmission recording and the Ca-sensitive fluorescent probe, chlortetracycline, were used to study the time course of changes in the shape, aggregation and the amount of membrane-bound calcium during ADP activation. It was found that(More)
Neuroleptics of the phenothiazine series and, in particular, trifluoperazine (TF), are widely used as specific antagonists of calmodulin (CM), for they block its various physiological effects in different cells, including in neurons and synaptic structures. It ha~ been shown [9, i0] that TF, by interacting with CM, inhibits Ca-dependent phosphorylation of(More)
Secretory granules and, in particular, synaptic vesicles (SV) of neurons contain a protein pump (H+-ATPase) in their membranes. During ATP hydrolysis on the outer side of the membrane H + ions are actively pumped inside SV (or the secretory granules) and the pH within the granules reaches 5.0-5.3. The functioning of the H+-pump of SV membrane may be(More)
Preliminary incubation of platelets with prostaglandin E1(PGE1) led to the inhibition of changes in platelet shape caused by ADP. PGE1 also blocked changes in the content of membrane-bound calcium in platelets, which are known to take place under ADP-induced changes in platelet shape. Stable changes in platelet shape were observed on incubation in the(More)
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The effects of trifluoperazine (TFP) on some membrane processes were studied in the isolated rat brain synaptic vesicles (SV). TFP (10(-5)-10(-4) M) was found to cause a sharp rise in the intensity of light scattering by SV suspension which was due both to an increased vesicle aggregation and to changes in the refraction index of the membrane. In addition,(More)
in the number of synapses took place on account of small synapses with 1-2 and 3-4 intersections with the control grid (Fig. id); the number of large synapses was a little reduced, The number of curved contacts increased. In this series of experiments, just as on the ist-4th day, synapses with asymmetrical composition predominated but there was an(More)