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Depending on speciation, U environmental contamination may be spread through the environment or inversely restrained to a limited area. Induction of U precipitation via biogenic or non-biogenic processes would reduce the dissemination of U contamination. To this aim U oxidation/reduction processes triggered by bacteria are presently intensively studied.(More)
Image analysis is one of the most interesting ways for a mobile vehicle to understand its environment [1]. One of the tasks of an autonomous vehicle is to get accurate information of what it has in front, to avoid collision or find a way to a target. This task requires real-time restrictions depending on the vehicle speed and external object movement. The(More)
Better understanding of uranyl toxicity in bacteria is necessary to optimize strains for bioremediation purposes or for using bacteria as biodetectors for bioavailable uranyl. In this study, after different steps of optimization, Escherichia coli cells were exposed to uranyl at low pH to minimize uranyl precipitation and to increase its bioavailability.(More)
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