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Museums have missions to increase accessibility and share cultural assets to the public. The National Palace Museum intends to be a pioneer of utilizing novel interpretative installations to reach more diverse and potential audiences, and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) technology has been selected as the new interpretative approach. The pilot project in(More)
OBJECTIVE The articular cartilage of autologous osteochondral grafts is typically different in structure and function from local host cartilage and thereby presents a remodeling challenge. The hypothesis of this study was that properties of the articular cartilage of trochlear autografts and adjacent femoral condyle are associated with the 3-D geometrical(More)
In this paper, we propose the seamless multimedia system <i>Yongzheng Emperor's interactive tabletop</i>, which has been incorporated into the special exhibition "Harmony and Integrity: The Yongzheng Emperor and His Times" at the National Palace Museum in Taiwan. The multimedia system features the innovative use of physical artifacts - Yongzheng figurines(More)
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