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BACKGROUND A recent study using a rat model found significant differences at the time of diabetes onset in the bacterial communities responsible for type 1 diabetes modulation. We hypothesized that type 1 diabetes in humans could also be linked to a specific gut microbiota. Our aim was to quantify and evaluate the difference in the composition of gut(More)
BACKGROUND The role of chest CT scan in the assessment of patients with hemoptysis is uncertain. AIM To evaluate the usefulness of CT scan in patients with non massive hemoptysis. PATIENTS AND METHODS Ninety six patients, 60 male, aged 23 to 76 years old, who presented with hemoptysis to an University Hospital, were studied. All patients were studied(More)
BACKGROUND Teaching methods of the undergraduate medical curriculum change considerably from the first years to clinical training. Clinical learning occurs in complex and varied scenarios while caring for patients. Students have to adapt their learning approaches and strategies to be able to integrate theory and clinical practice and become experiential(More)
BACKGROUND The transition to the clinical courses represents a major challenge for medical students who are expected to become experiential learners, able to integrate theory and practice in the context of patient care. There are questions about how students face this challenge. AIM To understand and compare the perceptions of students and clinical tutors(More)
BACKGROUND Upon the beginning of pre-clerkship years, medical students must develop strategies to learn from experience and to improve their relational skills to communicate with patients. AIM To develop an instrument to identify the strategies used by medical students to learn in clinical contexts. MATERIAL AND METHODS Using a Delfi technique to reach(More)
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