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Impaired perspective was studied in schizophrenic and thought-disordered patients to analyze hypotheses about its role in thought disorder. Eighty-three schizophrenic patients, other psychotic patients, and nonpsychotic patients judged the adequacy of their own and others' verbalizations under several different conditions. Thought-disordered patients had(More)
A summary of our method of assessing positive thought disorder, or bizarre-idiosyncratic thinking, from two short verbal tests is presented. This measure provides for standardized thought disorder assessments of: the overall presence and severity of thought disorder, and the type of disordered thinking shown. A definition and examples of(More)
Chaika (1982) has proposed that what is frequently viewed as a schizophrenic thought disorder should more precisely be regarded as a speech disorder. We suggest, however, that one should emphasize constructs concerning disordered schizophrenic thinking. We support this position since the schizophrenic's strange speech can fit into a larger view about his(More)
In a study of schizophrenic thought pathology, potential loss of set and intermingling were examined. The responses of 36 acute psychiatric patients who showed intermingling were analyzed. Intermingling, frequently seen in the speech and thinking of schizophrenic patients, involves the blending of personal material from one's experiences into one's thinking(More)
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