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This paper describes Project GIGA-high-speed Experimental Network, a multiinstitutional, multidisciplinary, national project funded by the Brazilian government. The main goal of Project GIGA is to promote research, development and experimentation of technology at all layers, aiming at generating knowledge, products and services that will make it possible(More)
BACKGROUND More empathetic physicians are more likely to achieve higher patient satisfaction, adherence to treatments, and health outcomes. In the context of medical education, it is thus important to understand how personality might condition the empathetic development of medical students. Single institutional evidence shows associations between students'(More)
INTRODUCTION Canine atopic dermatitis (cAD) is a very common disease, but little is known about eye involvement. The conjunctival provocation test (CPT) is used in human to study the ocular response to allergenic stimuli and to evaluate anti-allergic therapy. To our knowledge it has not been used in dogs. OBJECTIVES To evaluate the prevalence of ocular(More)
Studies conducted in medical education show that personality influences undergraduate medical students academic and clinical performances and also their career interests. Our aims with this exploratory study were: to assess the contribution of graduate entry students to the diversity of personality in medical student populations; to assess whether eventual(More)
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