I. L. Potekhina

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On cooling the animals to the rectum temperature from approximately 37 to 24-28 degrees C the decreases were shown to occur in the frequency and amplitude of respiration motions, in the intensity of muscle electrical activity (thermoregulation muscle tone and cold muscle shivering), in the frequency of heart contractions. In 3-8 min after introducing(More)
Influence of EDTA (C10H14N2Na2O8.2H2O) and EGTA (C14H24N2O10) on physiological functions homoiothermic organisms at deep hypothermia, was studied. White rats during cooling were in special sections without rigid fixing of head and limbs. In reply to intravenous introduction of EDTA and EGTA solutions, similar answers of the organisms were observed: raised(More)
The specific features of skin receptor function on the sole of the hind limb of an albino rat were studied in an acute experiment. Impulse activity recorded from the solitary fibres of the tibial nerve showed that receptor units (RU) responded to mechanical stimulation of the skin. Irradiation of the skin surface by low-intensity millimeter band(More)
Impulse activity of the ischiatic nerves single fibres in response to focused ultrasound stimulation of the rat hind-foot receptive fields, was studied. The receptor units were divided into low-, average- and high-threshold groups by the value of their threshold responses. No impulse activity was revealed in response to direct action of cold or warm water(More)
Functional properties of skin afferents were studied by the method of registration of spike activity from single nerve fibres, innervated non-hairy skin in white rats. It was found that mechanoreceptor units varied by the threshold intensity of applied stimulus. These units were divided to three functional groups: low-, medium- and high-threshold units.(More)
Microvessels and their relationship with alveoli in the lungs of albino rats under physiological condition in the thorax were studied by intravital microscopy. The structure of a network of large microvessels 20–30 μ in diameter surrounding each alveolus along the perimeter from all sides was demonstrated. Blood flow was investigated by video.
In acute experiments on rats, studies have been made on impulse activity of single fibres of n. ischiadicus evoked by stimulation of the receptive fields of the sole by focused ultrasound. Mechanical effects were produced by rectangular ultrasonic stimuli, thermal ones--by trapezoid ones. With respect to the magnitude of a threshold response to a(More)
Threshold electrical reactions of single fibers from the ischiadic nerve of rats to mechanical stimulation and rectangle impulses of focused ultrasound have been compared with respect to the parameters of stimulation to the effect of focused ultrasound on the skin of human fingers evoking different sensations. It was concluded that low-threshold fibers may(More)