I L Ochotorena

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BACKGROUND In the ubiquitin-dependent proteolysis pathway, a ubiquitin ligase (E3) is responsible for substrate selectivity and timing of degradation. A novel E3, SCF (Skp1-Cullin-1/Cdc53-F-box) plays a pivotal role in cell cycle progression. In fission yeast, F-box/WD-repeat protein Pop1 regulates the level of the CDK (cyclin-dependent kinase) inhibitor(More)
  • I L Ochotorena, D Hirata, +8 authors T Toda
  • Journal of cell science
  • 2001
Accurate chromosome segregation is dependent upon the integrity of mitotic spindles, which pull each pair of sister chromatids towards opposite poles. In this study, we have characterised fission yeast pop3-5235, a diploidising mutant that is impaired in genome stability. Pop3 is the same as Wat1, a conserved protein containing 7 WD repeats. Pop3/Wat1 has(More)
The SCF complex (Skp1-Cullin-1-F-box) and the APC/cyclosome (anaphase-promoting complex) are two ubiquitin ligases that play a crucial role in eukaryotic cell cycle control. In fission yeast F-box/WD-repeat proteins Pop1 and Pop2, components of SCF are required for cell-cycle-dependent degradation of the cyclin-dependent kinase (CDK) inhibitor Rum1 and the(More)
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