I L Macgregor

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The effects of hyperglycemia on pancreatic, biliary, and gastric secretory responses to meals have not been hitherto quantified in man. In the present study seven normal volunteers were fed on two occasions a 500-ml liquid test meal containing fat and protein. During one of the meals the subjects were made acutely hyperglycemic with intravenous glucose,(More)
Pancreatic and biliary secretion and gastric emptying rates of a liquid test meal (LTM) were determined in normal persons, in patients with subtotal gastrectomy with gastroduodenostomy (STG-BI) or with gastrojejunostomy (STG-BII), and in patients with truncal vagotomy and pyloroplasty (V&P). In all operated persons, rapid gastric emptying diluted(More)
Older work in man with meals of carbohydrates in water has indicated that such meals slow gastric emptying in proportion to their osomolarities. Nevertheless, different carbohydrates have been found to have differing efficacies per milliosmole. One possibility which would explain such discrepancies among carbohydrates is that hyperglycemia induced by(More)
Alpha amylase of pancreatic origin is cleared by the kidney more rapidly than the salivary isoamylase. To determine whether alterations in the ratio of pancreatic to salivary amylase in sera caused alterations in over all renal clearance, the clearance of amylase was measured before and after the exocrine pancreas was stimulated with a prolonged intravenous(More)
Alterations in gastric emptying are considered contributory to many sequelae of peptic ulcer surgery. The application of a validated method of firmly tagging solid food has enabled the measurement of the rates and patterns of gastric emptying in normal subjects, subtotal gastrectomy, and vagotomy and pyloroplasty (V&P). Normal persons emptied with a linear(More)
We compared the gastric, pancreatic, and biliary secretory responses to a liquid test meal and the rates of gastric emptying of liquid and solid test meals in six patients at least 1 year after parietal cell vagotomy with eight unoperated subjects, one with duodenal ulcer disease and seven normal control subjects. Parietal cell vagotomy decreased gastric(More)
The relationship of body size to rates of gastric emptying of solid food was investigated in order to obtain data that may allow this variable to be considered when populations of varying size are studied. Rates of gastric emptying were measured using a beef stew meal to which were added pieces of chicken liver tagged with [99mTc]sulfur colloid, and(More)