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[Naphthoquinones as immunomodulators during intensive exertion].
Naphthoquinones such as phylloquinone, menadione and vicasol normalized or increased the immune response in rats after intensive physical load. The most marked immunomodulating effect was induced byExpand
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[The immunomodulating activity of the heteropolysaccharides from German chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla) during air and immersion cooling].
Intragastric and parenteral administration of heteropolysaccharides of Matricaria chamomilla L. is found to normalize developing of the immune response upon air cooling and enhance (but do notExpand
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[Immunomodulating action of heteropolysaccharides isolated from camomile flowers].
Administration of heteropolysaccharides from the camomile flower clusters to rats which failed to perform a physical load (swimming) resulted in stimulation of development of the immune response toExpand
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[The effect of Essentiale and riboxin on the immunomodulating properties of the erythrocytes in a toxic liver lesion].
D-galactosamine (DGA) increases the erythrocyte content of malonic dialdehyde (MDA) and the degree of peroxide hemolysis (DPH) of the erythrocytes, and reduces the 2,3-diphosphoglycerate (DPG) andExpand
Immunomodulating action of polyunsaturated phospholipids
Intravenous injection of essential to Wistar rats stimulates the immune response to sheep's red cells and also induces the appearance of heavy red cells in animal's blood, thus causing the secretionExpand
[The development of Staphylococcus-induced delayed hypersensitivity and antigen-non specific immunosuppression in a state of rest and during physical loading of varying intensities].
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  • 1990
Injection of live staphylococcal culture into mice induces the development of delayed hypersensitivity (DH) to microbial cells and suppresses the development of humoral immune response (HIR) to sheepExpand
[Development of various forms of immunosuppression after exertion and heat exposure].
In Wistar rats, 3-hour moderate exercise precipitated the development of antigen-specific immunosuppression induced by large doses of sheep erythrocytes, while 5-hour exercise caused, in addition,Expand
[Mechanism of immunologic homeostasis during administration of essentiale fo animals performing physical exercise].
Glass-adherent splenocytes from the rats who have swum and taken essentiale injections release a factor raising blood antiproteolytic proteins. alpha 1-Antiproteases and alpha 2-macroglobulin do notExpand
[The efficacy of the immunomodulating action of Essentiale and the modified animal erythrocytes].
A relative order in reaction of immune system on antigenic irritant and its stability with respect to non-antigenic irritants is lowered to a greater extent in animals not able to swim, and inExpand