I. L. Hudson

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This study examines the incidence of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) in Canterbury (1973–1989) in relation to climate. Three mixture models (Finite Mixture, Zero-innated Poisson and Hurdle) are used as novel methods which are able to highlight diierential eeects of climatic covariates between months of SIDS and no SIDS. These methods accommodate the(More)
Understanding the differences between individuals' personality types at a functional brain level is now possible due to recent developments in both functional brain imaging and personality models. The psychobiological model for temperament and character offers one approach to exploring personality. This study uses SPECT imaging to investigate brain function(More)
A multicentre, controlled trial was carried out to determine whether removal of leucocytes from blood by means of 'Imugard IG500' (Terumo) filters would prevent transfusion-acquired cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection in newborn infants. 72 infants whose mothers were seronegative and who received some seropositive blood were followed for 6 months for evidence(More)
The analysis of aggregate, or marginal, data for contingency tables is an increasingly important area of statistics, especially in political science and epidemiology. Aggregation often exists due to confidentiality issues or by source of the data itself. Aggregate data alone makes drawing conclusions about the true association between categorical variables(More)
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