I L Egorova

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The performance of the insular system of the pancreatic gland was studied in 111 pulmonary tuberculosis patients who suffered from diabetes mellitus as were the functions of thyroid and pituitary-adrenal glands assessed by the blood content of C-peptide, T3, T4, TTH, ACTH and circadian excretion of 17-OCS. It was stated that the combined pathology was(More)
The experiment on 140 albino mice examined the relationship between the pulmonary thermogenesis and the functional activity of the hypophyseal-thyroid system at different stages of pulmonary tuberculous inflammation development, during Staphylococcus-induced pneumonia, aseptic inflammation in lung tissue. Deep abnormalities of the heat-generating function(More)
Serum C-peptide levels were studied in 88 patients with pulmonary tuberculosis concurrent with diabetes mellitus. The pancreatic incretory function in combined pathology was found to be related both to the type and severity of diabetes mellitus and the severity of tuberculosis. Specific and medicamental intoxication negatively affects residual insulin(More)
To examine the impact of low-intensive laser radiation (LILR) on endocrine function in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis, the time course of blood levels of thyroid hormones, cortisol, and insulin was studied in 117 patients of whom 64 received complex treatment by using LILR. Pulmonary tuberculosis was ascertained to be characterized by a marked(More)
Low-intensive laser radiation used by topical, intravenous, and transendoscopic routes was employed in the complex antituberculosis therapy of 120 patients with pulmonary tuberculosis concurrent with chronic nonspecific respiratory diseases (n = 48), diabetes mellitus (n = 20 patients), gastrointestinal diseases (n = 45). The results of treatment were(More)
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