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The postnatal development of some neurotransmitter parameters was measured in lateral geniculate body, superior colliculus and visual cortex of the rat. The following parameters were studied: (i) high-affinity uptake of L-glutamate or D-aspartate as markers for glutamergic neurons; (ii) high-affinity uptake of GABA, which reflects both glial and neuronal(More)
High affinity glutamate uptake was reduced in the ipsilateral lateral geniculate body by 75% and in the ipsilateral superior colliculus by 50% one week after ablation of the visual cortex in the adult rat. Six days after neonatal removal of visual cortex, there were no effects on the high affinity glutamate uptake in these regions indicating that there were(More)
1. The high affinity uptake of GABA in optic tectum was found to be about 40% higher in frogs kept in complete darkness for 3 weeks, than in frogs in the normal condition. 2. No effects were obtained in uptake of glutamate and activity of GAD in the optic tectum. 3. The isoenzyme composition of cholinesterases in frog optic tectum and retina was not(More)
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