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The neuroprotective effect of epidural cooling before and during spinal cord ischemia on the neurological, neurophysiological, and histopathological outcome was evaluated after 40 min of proximal and distal thoracic aorta crossclamping in dogs. In the normothermic group (n = 12), no attempt was made to change the spinal cord temperature. Four of eight(More)
Choline acetyltransferase (ChAT) and acetylcholinesterase (AChE) activity measured in the ventral and dorsal part of the dog spinal cord (L6-S2) and in the stumps of the sciatic nerve 5, 10, 15 and 21 days after its transection were compared with the corresponding activities in the intact contralateral nerve and in sham-operated animals. AChE was also(More)
BACKGROUND Many proved alterations in genoms of cells are said to be related to tumorigenesis. Apoptosis--a "programmed" death of cell, which has different morphology from necrosis, is one of the control mechanisms of cell division and participates in tumorigenesis. METHODS AND MATERIAL The authors present their results of analysis of the relation between(More)
Patients after successful transplantation with immunosuppressive therapy form a "new circle of surgical patients" who can develop various surgical diseases, or injuries which bring about an inevitable urgent or planned surgical treatment. The authors present the results in three patients with transplanted organs (1993-1995) who were subdued to various(More)
The authors present a report on a new clinical and pathological entity--aggressive angiomyxoma which was described in 1983. They draw attention to the genesis of this tumour and its macro- and microscopic picture. They emphasize that treatment of this tumour involves its complete surgical extirpation and frequent local relapses without secondaries. The(More)
The authors present an account on the treatment of blood vessels in 15 patients with serious devastating injuries of the extremities in 1982-1989. In 10 patients the injury was on the upper and in 5 on the lower extremity. In the majority of patients for reconstruction of arteries and veins venous grafts were used. In 8 patients, i.e. in 53.3%, the result(More)