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Four nine- to 11-week-old puppies developed respiratory and neurological signs due to an infection with canine adenovirus type 2 (cav-2); three of these were euthanased. They had moderate, diffuse pneumonia but there were no histological abnormalities in the central nervous system. Adenovirus-specific nucleic acid was detected by pcr in samples of lung and(More)
In a prospective study of 97 uncomplicated twin pregnancies, vaginosonographic cervix measurements of length, thickness and width of the internal os were performed. Furthermore, a group of 113 uncomplicated primipara was measured by vaginosonography. The twin pregnancies were examined sonographically at 4-5 week intervals between the 14th and 34th week of(More)
The present retrospective study attempts to evaluate the significance of adjuvant radiotherapy as a prognostic factor for stage Ib cervical carcinoma without lymph node metastases but with lymph-vascular space invasion. 54 patients fulfilled the inclusion criteria: histopathological stage Ib, radical hysterectomy with pelvic lymphadenectomy, negative pelvic(More)
A collective of 154 pregnant women, who smoked at least 5 cigarettes a day was examined by doppler ultrasound. Measurements were taken at the two ends of the umbilical cord. The results had been compared to the physiological constellation of the resistance indices. Elevation of the PI was mainly to be registrated at the fetal abdominal insertion of the(More)
Based on a collective of 500 women with normal singleton pregnancies we examined the indices of flow resistance along the umbilical cord. Measurements were taken at the foetal abdominal side of the Aa. umbilicales on the one hand and at the placental insertion of the vessels on the other. According to our results we were able to establish a physiological(More)
In a historical review the situation in obstetrics was shown in the last 3 decades. Compound-scans and "real-time-scan" were the fundamental instruments for the first sonographical diagnosis and changes in clinical practice. The demonstration of the foetal body and organs allows numerous measurements of length, areas, and volumes. Signs of foetal vital(More)
In this study it was tried to demonstrate the involution of the puerperal uterus vaginosonographically. A collective of 54 patients with uncomplicated delivery and afebrile, inconspicuous puerperium was vaginosonographically examined on the 1st day postpartum and also 6 weeks post partum. To describe the uterus in its whole entity on the 1st day post partum(More)
A collective of 48 pregnant women, whose pregnancies showed signs of a pregnancy-induced hypertension or gestotic tendencies was examined by Doppler ultrasound. The subject of interest was the resistance along the umbilical cord. Measurements were taken both ends of the umbilical cords. Usually, a decline of the indices is seen, which makes the difference(More)
A collective of 60 patients with clinical diagnosed contractions was vaginosonographically examined. During the ultrasound examination preterm labour was seen in 42 patients. In a control group (n = 50) preterm contractions were not detectable. The average time of the contractions was 88 seconds in the primipara group and 90 seconds in the multipara group(More)
In a study comprising a total of 700 pregnant women, umbilical resistance was examined. Measurements were taken at both sides of the cord. A decline in resistance was registered from the fetal abdominal wall to the placental insertion of the vessels. According to a collective of 500 patients with a normal development and outcome of their pregnancies a(More)
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