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Software organizations are putting efforts to improve the accuracy of the project cost estimation. This in turn helps them to allocate resources. Software cost estimation has been an area of key interest in software engineering community. Many estimation models divided among various categories have been proposed over a period of time. Function Point (FP) is(More)
Call admission control (CAC) is one of challenging issues for quality of service (QoS) provisioning in mobile multimedia network communication systems. CAC can be defined as the system that restricts the network access based on resource availability. A new call is admitted if enough idle resources are available in order to meet the QoS requirements of the(More)
DISPO is a Distributed Prolog Virtual Machine for interpreting and executing Prolog programs through distribution and multi-threading. It is a distributed version of a standard Prolog interpreter designed for exploiting OR-parallelism and pipe-lined AND parallelism. Some distinctive features of DISPO is that it speeds up the execution of Prolog programs and(More)
With the proliferation of mobile devices, such as laptops, mobile phones, Personal Digital Assistants (PDA), and the fast mobile networks, mobile auctions seems to be the most compelling service that is going to revolutionize the mobile commerce landscape and make it dramatically more powerful and easier to use. Until now, mobile auctions are usually(More)
Like other distributed systems, unattended sensor networks need to be balanced not only by load but also in terms of energy. Sensor networks are expected to live long. Lifetime can be maximized if and only if a balanced network can be formed. In this research work we first identify the tasks, that a sensor node accomplishes in its life time. Based on those,(More)
Moving toward Smart Grid systems is becoming a priority for power service providers in many countries. Effective communications constitute a crucial component for the successful implementation of Smart Grid. This paper introduces a communication framework which can be used to classify and integrate the various communication networking entities in a Smart(More)
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