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Commercial vaccines including bacterial as well as live and inactivated viral vaccines were examined in the rabbit pyrogen test and in the limulus test. The laboratory results were compared with the reactivity in humans. A fairly good correlation was found between the temperature rise in rabbits and the frequency of febrile reaction in the vaccinees. Two(More)
The significance of changes in plasma somatostatin level at patients with vascularly decompensated liver cirrhosis was investigated. The plasma level of somatostatin, glucagon, gastrin and blood glucose concentration were determined under basal condition and after testmeal in patients with vasculary decompensated cirrhosis, in cirrhotic-patients without(More)
The effect of cellular immune response on male fertility was investigated. 92 patients--attending the out patient practice of our Andrological department and 15 patients undergoing vasectomy for sterilisation purpose--were included in this study. For measuring the cellular immune response granulocyte concentration and PMN-elastase level were investigated in(More)
  • I Jaszovszky
  • Acta microbiologica Academiae Scientiarum…
  • 1982
Mice were actively immunized with preparations produced from different Salmonella strains. They were challenged with 2 LD50 of a virulent S. typhi-murium strain and examined for viable cell counts in the liver 4, 7 and 11 days postinfection. Whole cell vaccines, ribosomal extracts and endotoxin preparations of the O antigen-deficient variant of S.(More)
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