I Janson

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The Ca2(+)-dependent neutral proteases calpain I and II as well as their specific inhibitor, calpastatin, were isolated from normal and Alzheimer-degenerated frozen human brain tissue. In the Alzheimer group calpain I activity was higher in cortex than in mesencephalon. The calpastatin activity was lower in cortex in both groups. This may implicate a higher(More)
The levels of calpains (m-calpain and mu-calpain) in peripheral blood lymphocytes from patients with Alzheimer's disease were determined via Western blotting. The Ca-dependent proteolytic activity and the calpastatin activity were estimated using incubation with exogenous substrate. Evidence was obtained for an increased Ca-dependent proteolytic activity in(More)
Studies in 146 children with cerebral palsy revealed a definite relation between malfunctioning, size, and location of the lingual muscle and the development of the dentition. The results may be regarded as a confirmation of the so-called functional adaptation theory first observed by ROUX in 1921. The formative influence of the maxillo-facial(More)
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