I.-J. Wang

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We present a system for determining a consensus estimate of the pose of an object, as seen from multiple cameras in a distributed network. The cameras are pointed towards a 3D object defined by a configuration of points, which are assumed to be visible and detected in all camera images. The cameras are given a model defining the 3D configuration of these(More)
Beamformers are spatial filters that focus energy in a particular direction while attempting to eliminate interference from other directions. This paper compares several adaptive approaches that seek to provide detection performance equivalent to classical techniques while using fewer beams, a form of measurement compression. Using an apriori distribution(More)
The 2007 paper entitled ldquoSwarming Network for Intruder Detectionrdquo described the concept for an intruder detection and tracking sensor network that exhibits swarming behavior. The network is based on simple signals and cueing with no data protocols as a means to minimize cost and complexity. Further, a means to detect an intruder via measuring the(More)
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