I J Rosenstein

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OBJECTIVES To determine whether intravaginal clindamycin cream reduces the incidence of abnormal pregnancy outcome in women with abnormal vaginal microbial flora graded as intermediate or BV and to investigate the effect of the antibiotic on vaginal microbial flora. METHODS A prospective cohort study of pregnant women in an antenatal clinic of a district(More)
Significant bacteriuria was found in 19% of 87 women with primary biliary cirrhosis, whereas in 89 women with other types of chronic liver disease bacteriuria was present in only 7%. In 74 women with rheumatoid arthritis 8% were bacteriuric. Midstream urine specimens obtained from 144 consecutive women with primary biliary cirrhosis attending hospital over(More)
A series of oligosaccharides derived from glycoproteins or from human milk were coupled to lipid and used as probes of the binding specificities of Escherichia coli isolated from patients with urinary tract infections. Selective binding to the glycoprotein oligosaccharide probes rich in mannose residues (high-mannose type) was demonstrated with fimbriated E(More)
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