I J McGowan-Jordan

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We have constructed a panel of human x murine microcell hybrids containing individual human chromosomes tagged with a dual selectable marker conferring hygromycin B resistance and ganciclovir sensitivity. Over 500 independent microcell hybrids (B78MC) were generated and more than 200 individually isolated. We have identified the human chromosome content of(More)
Teratocarcinomas are tumors that develop spontaneously in the gonads and usually contain a rapidly dividing, undifferentiated stem cell population. Immature ovarian teratocarcinomas are highly malignant with only 30-60% of patients surviving for 2 years after diagnosis. We have used microcell fusion to introduce individually tagged normal human chromosomes(More)
Dichlorobenzidine can be peroxidatively activated in Salmonella typhimurium Ames tester strains. Mutagenicity is observed when an S. typhimurium strain which is sensitive to frame-shift mutagens is incubated with dichlorobenzidine and hydrogen peroxide. In this paper, we show that the bacterial enzyme, hydroperoxidase I, is responsible for much of this(More)
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