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Ovine Johne's disease, or paratuberculosis, occurs in many countries. In Australia, surveillance using serology is used as part of a control program, but the testing regime is costly relative to its sensitivity. For this reason, culturing of Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis in fecal samples pooled from a number of sheep was evaluated. Initially,(More)
At the time of the initial notification of the occurrence of equine influenza (EI) in Australia in August 2007, vaccination was restricted to horses for which it was an import requirement and only with the approval of the state or territory Chief Veterinary Officer. This paper describes the complexities involved in the selection of a vaccine and its(More)
Histophilus ovis was isolated from 29 sheep in 20 flocks and 2 artificial insemination (AI) centres in southern New South Wales from 1984 to 1990. The clinical and pathological findings were consistent with previous reports and included polyarthritis (7 flocks), epididymo-orchitis (5), meningoencephalitis (3), pneumonia (3), septicaemia (2), mastitis (1)(More)
Five outbreaks of myocarditis were investigated in young sheep. They occurred during late winter and spring when there was lush growth of pasture following a prolonged period of drought. Clinically the disease was characterised by sudden death and pathological findings were dominated by acute multifocal locally extensive necrotising and haemorrhagic(More)
In a collaborative study that involved four Australian veterinary diagnostic laboratories a gene probe test based on the recombinant plasmids pJIR318, pJIR314B, and pJIR313, which contain genomic vap or vrl regions, was compared with conventional tests used for the differential diagnosis of ovine footrot. A total of 771 clinical dichelobacter nodosus(More)
Cryptosporidia were detected in the brush border of villous epithelium in the small intestine of 4 piglets 2 to 9 weeks old. Although the 4 piglets had been suffering from diarrhoea no specific role could be attributed to the cryptosporidia. Other than damage to the brush border there were no significant histological abnormalities in the small intestine(More)
An outbreak of reproductive failure, characterised by mummified foetuses and stillbirths, was investigated in an intensive piggery. Six foetuses that died towards the end of gestation had multifocal myocardial necrosis and encephalomyocarditis virus was recovered from 4 of these foetuses but not from 6 mummified foetuses. There was also a significant(More)
OBJECTIVE To document the occurrence and consequences of accidental self-inoculation of vaccinators (producers, farm employees, contractors) with the recently registered Gudair vaccine for the control of ovine paratuberculosis in Australia. DESIGN AND PROCEDURE A survey of the first 50 primary producers permitted to use the vaccine in sheep and a(More)