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Seasonal waves accompanying annual changes in the sliding velocity of ice travel down glacier at speeds much faster than the ice itself. A simple explanation for these waves in terms of the passage of a pressure wave through the subglacial drainage system is given. Drainage by both distributed and localized systems is explored, with the sliding velocity(More)
We present a mathematical study of two-dimensional electrostatic and electromagnetic shielding by a cage of conducting wires (the so-called 'Faraday cage effect'). Taking the limit as the number of wires in the cage tends to infinity, we use the asymptotic method of multiple scales to derive continuum models for the shielding, involving homogenized boundary(More)
Dysprosium triangles showing Single Molecule Magnet behaviour of thermally excited spin states,Angew. Iron(II) formate [Fe(O 2 CH) 2 ] • ⅓(HCO 2 H): a mesoporous Magnet. The solvothermal syntheses and crystal structures of the isomorphous framework metal(II) formates [M(O 2 CH) 2 ] • n(solvent) The " building-block " assembly of a [Ni 12 Mn 6 ] aggregate,(More)
[1] We study a model for channels of magma flow within mantle undergoing decompression melting. Cylindrical conduits in a viscous, porous, compacting matrix are considered, and it is found that the dynamics of the conduit walls are governed by the competition between melting (caused by decompression) and viscous closure (caused by the reduced pressure in(More)
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