I J Hamilton

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The role of ultrasound as a screening test for choledocholithiasis was prospectively assessed by comparing the results of upper abdominal ultrasound with direct cholangiography in 59 unselected symptomatic postcholecystectomy patients. Ultrasound detected duct stones in 13 of 29 patients (sensitivity, 45%) and their absence in 29 of 30 (specificity, 97%). A(More)
A prospective double blind trial of vancomycin vs placebo was undertaken in 40 consecutive adult patients with exacerbation of idiopathic colitis (33 ulcerative colitis, seven Crohn's disease). Vancomycin or placebo (500 mg six hourly) was given for seven days in addition to routine medical therapy. Although there was no significant overall difference in(More)
OBJECTIVE Dendritic cells (DC) are the only antigen-presenting cells that can activate naïve T lymphocytes and initiate a primary immune response. They are also thought to have a role in immune tolerance. DC traffic from the blood to peripheral tissue where they become activated. They then present antigen and the costimulating signals necessary to initiate(More)
Passive permeability of small intestine to lactulose and mannitol was studied in children suspected of having intestinal disease, using a hypertonic differential sugar absorption test. Children with coeliac disease and cows' milk intolerance were shown to have an elevated urinary lactulose/mannitol recovery ratio when compared with controls, children with(More)
Two patients diagnosed as having small intestinal hyperplastic villous atrophy and being treated with a gluten free diet were investigated because of persistent watery diarrhoea. Both were found to have collagenous colitis. Previous reports of this condition have emphasised the presence of normal small intestinal mucosal architecture and the association of(More)
1. Absorption of carbohydrate probe molecules from ligated loops of rat small intestine was studied. Absorption was determined by measuring recovery of molecules in the urine, corrected for incomplete recovery after intravenous injection, and was examined for correlation with several parameters of molecular dimension. 2. Absorption depended on molecular(More)
Intestinal permeability has been studied in 21 patients with coeliac disease in relapse and after gluten withdrawal using an oral test of intestinal permeability based on the simultaneous oral administration of two probe molecules. The increased absorption of the larger molecule (cellobiose) and the decreased absorption of the smaller (mannitol) found in(More)
Forty patients with duodenal ulcer were randomly allocated to treatment with either tripotassium dicitrato bismuthate tablets or cimetidine for six weeks. Endoscopically confirmed healing of the ulcer occurred in 80% treated with tripotassium dicitrato bismuthate tablets and in 85% treated with cimetidine. Symptomatic improvement was also similar in the two(More)
Eighty patients with duodenal ulcer were randomly allocated to treatment with tripotassium dicitrato bismuthate (TDB) tablets or cimetidine. Ulcers healed in 78% of patients treated with TDB and in 74% treated with cimetidine, supporting previous observations that the efficacy of these two agents is similar. Duodenal ulcer recurred in 43% of patients in the(More)