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It is increasingly recognized that the location of excess adiposity, particularly increased deposition of visceral adipose tissue (VAT), is important when determining the adverse health effects of overweight and obesity. Exercise therapy is an integral component of obesity management, but the most potent exercise prescription for VAT benefit is unclear. We(More)
Situs viscerum inversus totalis is a rare defect with a genetic predisposition, which can present difficulties in the management of abdominal pathology, especially in laparoscopic surgery (mirror-image anatomy). We report the case of a 52-year-old female with situs viscerum inversus totalis, known from pediatric age, with a medical history of colic pain in(More)
To address the question if an altered oral microbiota is associated with atherosclerosis. Twenty patients suffering from atherosclerosis and 10 controls were recruited. Clinical oral, medical and laboratory investigations were performed. Oral bacteria were collected and 16S rDNA was sequenced following Single strand conformation polymorphism.(SSCP) Probing(More)
The present work was conducted to examine the effects of dietary crude protein (CP) levels (18, 21 and 24%) on growth performance (Initial and final body weight, daily body weight gain, feed consumption, feed conversion and protein efficiency ratio) during 2-9 weeks of age and certain body measurements (body height, tibiotarsus length and tibiotarsus girth)(More)
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