I. Ioshikhes

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BACKGROUND Restriction landmark genomic scanning (RLGS) is one of the most successfully applied methods for the identification of aberrant CpG island hypermethylation in cancer, as well as the identification of tissue specific methylation of CpG islands. However, a limitation to the utility of this method has been the ability to assign specific genomic(More)
MOTIVATION A nucleosome DNA positioning pattern is known to be one of the weakest (highly degenerated) patterns. The alignment procedure that has been developed recently for the extraction of such a pattern is based on a statistical matching of the sequences, and its success depends on the pattern/background ratio in the individual sequences and in the(More)
Background: Complexes of nucleosomes, which often occur in the gene promoter areas, are one of the fundamental levels of chromatin organization and thus are important for transcription regulation. Investigating the dynamic structure of a single nucleosome as well as nucleosome complexes is important for understanding transcription within chromatin. In a(More)
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