I Ia Piekalnits

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Dental status was studied in 168 obese teenagers aged from 12 to 17 years. The study revealed high prevalence in this group of teenagers of oral pathology like caries and fluorosis, inflammatory periodontal disease in 75% of children and poor oral hygiene level. One should consider high need for development of treatment-and-prophylactic measures for(More)
Electroodontometric study of 756 intact teeth in 209 patients 18-65 years of age with normal periodontium and different stages of periodontal disease (periodontitis) showed that 96.8% of teeth in patients with mild periodontitis retained normal sensitivity, 68.4% -- with moderate periodontitis and 55% -- with severe periodontitis. Decreased pain threshold(More)
The article presents clinical rationale for interdisciplinary approach to treatment of dental diseases in children with chronic pathology of upper GI tract based on the morphofunctional changes of oral cavity organs. The dental markers of somatic diseases and unfavorable dynamics of the individual health level in the process of ontogenesis were determined.(More)
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