I. I. Vintizenko

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The concept of a hybrid antenna-amplifier device, a combination of a surface wave antenna with a relativistic Cherenkov amplifier, is described. The key feature of the device providing its potential as a compact controllable high-power microwave source is that a rod antenna feed waveguide serves, at the same time, as a hollow cathode holder of a diode(More)
Thus, the results of our investigations show that the external coupling of cavities in a relativistic magnetron significantly influences on the spectral and energetic characteristics of the oscillations. The original configuration of the coupling circuit is proposed, based on the scheme with common dissipative elements. This significantly improves the(More)
The engineering design, calculations, and computer simulations for the high-voltage generator (HVG) intended for the production of microsecond output voltage pulses of rectangular form at a high repetition rate are presented. The original ideas are suggested for the high-voltage generator. The output pulse is produced by the discharge of several(More)
In this work, new results obtained in the course of antenna-amplifier development are reported. These are the results of PIC simulations using the 3-D version of the MAGIC code and studies concerning the possibility of plasma formation at the dielectric rod surface located within the annular beam. The latter studies include theoretical consideration of the(More)
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