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A clinico-ultrasound description of presentation of melanoma metastases to the gallbladder in 8 patients is discussed. Secondary lesions to the bladder presented as exophytic outgrowths extending from the bladder wall into the lumen. Echo generated by the lesions was of medium intensity and low intensity around the edge of the elastic wall. They revealed(More)
Tumor regression was reported in 20-30% of patients with inoperable non-small-cell lung cancer (NSLC) following standard first-line chemotherapy. Clinical trials with second-line gefitinib (Iressa) showed a strikingly high response in patients with mutated EGFR. However, clinical experience with gefitinib as first-line therapy had been limited to(More)
Single photon emission tomography (SPECT) with 99mTc-MIBI was performed after conventional staging in 83 operated non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients. Diagnostic results of SPECT and conventional computerized tomography (CT) staging were validated by histological examinations of operation material. According to histological verification 35 of 83(More)
Breast cancer course may be influenced by a profile of steroids and peptides produced by mammary fat. The study was concerned with assessment of hormonal (leptin and adiponectin production, adipocyte diameter and aromatase level) and progenotoxic factors which characterize DNA damage (8-OHdG) and such cancer promoters as tumor necrosis (TNF-alpha),(More)
125 suspects for endometrial pathology were examined to evaluate clinical significance of color Doppler sonography for comprehensive diagnosis of endometrial carcinoma. This pathology was identified in 114; atypical hyperplasia--11. The data on combined application of traditional ultrasound and color Doppler sonography were compared with those on clinical(More)
Clinico-roentgenological manifestations of specific destructive lesions in the lung in cases of Hodgkin's disease are described. The authors' findings suggest that disintegration focus formation is determined by duration of diseases, rapid regression of specific lesion of the lung as a result of therapy and suppression of reparative regeneration of lung(More)
The study using clinico-roentgenological data on 62 patients was concerned with the effectiveness of mammography in evaluating radiation response. Tumor regression was registered in 58 cases. Changes in the X-ray picture in the course and after treatment as well as X-ray signs of radiation injury are described. Mammography proved more reliable than clinical(More)
In modeled aorta coarctation long-term functioning of collateral arteries is shown to be accompanied by activation of subintimal smooth muscle cells and elastofibrosis of the intima, which are a manifestation of hemodynamic arteriosclerosis.